Sado City, Niigata Prefecture: Tadaaki Aida

[About the producer]
About the producer: Mr. Aida (left) cultivates sake rice in a field in Kuninaka Plain, Sado. Certified as a land coexisting with crested ibises, the rice is deemed to be cultivated in accordance with certain rules such as low usage of pesticides and affordable fertilizers, in order to protect the environment where crested ibises live. In addition, the farm is engaged in recycling agriculture with methods such as oyster shell farming, as well as utilizing local resources such as Sado’s deep seawater, to produce healthy and high-quality rice. Obata Brewery uses Mr. Aida’s rice to brew “Manotsuru, Miku” and “Manotsuru, Toki to Kurasu”. (Image shows Mr. Hirashima Ken, CEO of Obata Shuzou Co. Ltd)

Location: Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Introducer: Obata Shuzou Co. Ltd
Producer: Tadaaki Aida (Sado AIDA RICE farming Co.Ltd)
Produce: Sake Rice (Seal of Approval for Ibises)

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