Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture: Self-Owned Field Cultivation

[About the producer]
Yachiyoden Shuzou has been working on the cultivation of sweet potatoes, the main raw ingredient for imo shochu, on its own farms since 2009. In 2018, it was recognized as an agricultural landowner corporation despite being in the brewing industry, and was renamed ‘Agricultural Corporation: Yachiyoden Shuzou Co. Ltd’. Almost all the sweet potatoes, rice, and wheat used to make imo shochu, koji, and mugi shochu respectively are cultivated on their own land. This is an advantage since sweet potatoes, in particular, are easily damaged, so they are able to select and use only the best raw ingredients. In 2021, they became Japan’s first domaine (cultivating all raw ingredients in-house), and are currently focusing on brewing techniques that maximize the potential of raw ingredients.

Location: Tarumizu City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Introducer: Agricultural Corporation Yachiyoden Shuzou Co. Ltd
Producer: Self-Owned Fields
Produce: Sweet Potato (Kogane-Sengan)

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