Sado City, Niigata Prefecture: Mr. Souichiro Oishi

[About the producer]
Mr. Oishi is a farmer on the Shoryu rice terraces located in Sado Iwakubi, and also the chairman of the Sado Rice Terraces Council. In 2011, Sado became Japan’s first island to be registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, and the Shoryu rice terraces are where the agricultural diversity lies. Despite being beautiful terraced rice fields with a history of 400 years, it has been difficult to maintain them due to a lack of successors. Thus, Mr. Oishi is working hard to interact with young people, with many collaboration projects with companies. Obata Brewery uses Koshihikari rice grown on these terraces to brew a sake called “Ryu no Megumi”, as a contribution to the conservation of these rice terraces.

Location: Sado City, Niigata Prefecture
Introducer: Obata Shuzou Co. Ltd
Producer: Mr. Souichiro Oishi
Produce: Tajima Rice (Koshihikari)

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